Our links with Spa School

JAFFA have already made links with children with autism, their families, government officials and school staff.  We enjoy strong links with Spa School in Bermondsey, London.  Spa specialises in educating, training and supervising children with autism and similar conditions between 11 and 19.  Parents, pupils and inspectors have remarked upon the positive atmosphere of the school and their high expectations for all pupils.  The school emphasises preparing students for employment and later life.  This is seen in the School House Cafe where the pupils learn vocational skills such as customer service.  Due to the school’s achievements, it has been accredited by the the National Autistic Society and Ofsted, the government’s regulator of education, has said improvements have been “outstanding,” and “the school places student’s needs at the centre of it’s provision.”

For more information regarding Spa School, please visit the Spa School website.