Strategy Consultancy

Advisory support

Sandra Mame Opokuaah is at the forefront of JAFFA’s strategy consultancy for young people with disabilities and their families. She provides expert knowledge in different fields in disability. She works with prime actors in the communities to support Young people to live their best lives.

The main mission is to help families support young people to reach their full potential. Young people with disabilities wishes are to live the same life as other young people they see however their disability might have some barriers and this where JAFFA comes into place. With JAFFA, as a carer, you’ll be supported to and advise on all the key supports that are available to enable your young person to live their best lives in their own terms.

As families, what could be simple now involves an extra step, that extra step might need money or time, however not everyone can access certain help and mostly as parents or carers are predominantly focused on day by day activities they miss out on support available that will ease their lives and therefore allow for more quality family time and this is where we come in!


Sandra Mame Opokuaah has helped 100 of families through her consultancy in the United Kingdom as well as in Ghana.

What can you find help with?

We support by filling in forms such as the Family Fund, Carers Allowance, PIP, DLA, Freedom Pass, DID card, Cinema Card, Blue Badge, Congestion exemption, University credit, Water bill, Gas/Electricity bills, writing letters, supporting physically or digitally for official appointment, tribunal, EHCP, assessment, IEP…

What you can expect?

You can expect a knowledgeable person next to you in all your administrative journey, you can expect moral support and someone who has been where you are now. We understand you and will endeavour to provide a service that will benefit your family.

What is the process?

First thing book a FREE 15 mins Discovery call, will follow your call once this has happened, you will know when your first meeting is set up for and what steps will be involved in your individual case. Fees are payable in advance and are refundable (minus admin fee) 72hrs prior to your set appointment. Other costs might ensue depending if will be follow up appointment which will involve meetings with external agencies.

How do you contact the team?

To contact the team simply book a FREE 15mins discovery call via the link here.

What is the delay of response?

The delay of response when you first contact JAFFA is 24hrs, we will respond to you either via phone call, message or email. You will need to ensure your details are correct when getting in touch.